Long overdue follow up to Miami trip

9 08 2012

There are many things I can say about the beauty I discovered during our Miami adventure-

the sunsets, everyone of them where straight from an airbrushed vintage Florida postcard…

the Beach had a feel of lost in the 70’s, and the kids got to experience their first drag show on the street as we walked!

all in all I enjoyed Miami, however:

The roads are the most illogically directed and designed roads of any city I’ve ever been to, and the homeless population in Miami is at a point of critical mass… it was an interesting journey, and I was very glad to come home to tiny nostalgic Sebring. And to get some eBay sales going! (and the family/business blog has been updated: http://mystic-sherpa.blogspot.com/)

Off to Miami!

31 07 2012

Dragging my feet getting ready looking for veggie spots and juice bars, but getting on the road in 5!

Really excited, have never been to Miami, and I suppose I never figured I would go. Of course I have always been attracted to the Hemingway, Cuban, Haitian and Art Deco aspects, but I sort of wrote it off my potential Map when I was a kid and realized how far the tip of Florida is to get to. Had some lovely green juice this morning: https://twitter.com/i/#!/mamaheyoka/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FobxKrYcQ for energy on the road!

Have a beautiful week, lovelies! I will blog and twitter as I can from Miami!

Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

wandering ant (old poem, forgotten until cleaning files today)

31 07 2012

written morning in the mountains (our old mountain cabin home last spring/summer in Blue Ridge) around May of 2011-

the world of the wandering ant

plateaus and ravines

streamlined architecture
lines upon lines

factory glazed mirage
only potentials impermanent

cacophonic symphony
humdrum motherboards
the spinning labyrinth lament

a pixellated world finds the symbols
characters, keys
remnants of the world
created without hands
nor silicon bonded

the facade that was
once home


Business up and running

31 07 2012

Finally updating the Jupiter Space blog (the business related blog, http://mystic-sherpa.blogspot.com/) for the fist time since Poppa died in November. AND have *finally* posted my eBay auctions! http://www.ebay.com/sch/drawyourbreaks/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=50&_trksid=p3686

I’m really excited about getting this business stuff rolling. I’ve had some good peaks with it, just dipping my toes in the waters of online vending, but now I’m going to MANIFEST!

check it out! Off to Miami in the morning (hrmmm… I should probably sleep soon) and will post some adventures!