oh dear…

11 04 2013

Perhaps the facebook strike is not as successful as I thought, considering that pinterest has replaced facebook. I have now devoted 2 hours of my life to repinning. http://pinterest.com/mamaheyoka/boards/ Wow, goodness. I am unplugging now, and going to go on a total internet fast until my birthday. One week! Hopefully this will get me into gear with working on some of the chapters that I already envisioned words flowing unto paper, and I WILL finally finish my transformation piece. So to all in cyber world, I bid you adieu. If you know how to find me, I’m here if you need me. ❤


pure….liberty… the Purification and Liberation.

8 04 2013

Last week’s cleanse brought me with a surprising boost of energy, tranquility and a seven pound weight loss. During this time I reflected on the beauty of myself, and the world around me. I allowed myself to break from this during the weekend’s festivities, and all too swiftly the old self, emotions and ego began the writhing dance of obnoxious ridiculousness. I had an interesting conversation with a friend today, who was feeling a bit fearful of the current state of things in the world, and when I logged on to facebook earlier I found that they were not alone. I ciphered through countless posts that had an undercurrent of fear, hopelessness and malice. And thus I have declared, that until my birthday (which is my celebration from my cleanse day) I will fast also from facebook. It is only a small step, but perhaps it will begin a habit for me. I will be blogging, and sharing my blog postings on facebook to keep in contact, but until April 18th, I will not log on. More on this tomorrow, I feel the dreams calling.


Food Workers of the World, Unite and Take Over!!

4 04 2013


This:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/04/fast-food-strikes-new-york-city_n_3009780.html makes me so happy to see happening. When I worked in fast food, I talked often about how much of a catalyst for change it would be for fast food workers to strike. There are a great deal of misperceptions about the world of a fast food worker, and until you’ve experienced it- you just may never fully comprehend. Fast food workers are treated like disposable slaves. The job is very high stress, you have expectations as an individual by most corporations that are unobtainable without robots, and there is little to no strong work ethic in lower or upper management, which bleeds into the staff. The next time you see a disgruntled fast food worker, before you judge them or get angry, think about this: Most “full time” fast food workers have a hard time getting scheduled for more than 25 hours, there is a timer above the door of every drive thru window, it goes red after 90 seconds. The timer starts counting down as soon as you drive up to the order window. Once that timer is flashing red (after 90 seconds) there are points deducted on reports that go to the corporate office. 90 seconds from driving up to the window to driving off with your food is consistently nearly impossible to deliver, especially when you consider that most of the time your cashier is only putting your order into the computer and taking your money, the people on the food line most often have anywhere from 8 to 20 orders to complete within these 90 second guide lines. There’s an angry manager when this happens, typically yelling and projecting to everyone, often a member of upper management supervising who is also scrutinizing and occasionally an angry customer who is already stressed out from the traffic they just sat in. I’ve had some really rude customers before when the whole assembly line of product is slower than the 90 second time limit, people lose sight of the fact that you are in fact, a genuine human being struggling to make a living on slave labor. Also, with no health benefits provided- most food industry employees cannot afford (on their minimum wage) to visit a doctor when ill, and it’s not easy for non pregnant adults to get on government insurance. Being around both food and lots of people for several hours a day exposes you to potential pathogens, and it is actually very common for fast food workers to get viruses. However, it is nearly impossible to call in sick, as a fast food worker, without the fear (and potential reality) of losing your job. Which leaves many sick workers working, preparing your food, and handling your money. If there was a greater respect for food workers in this country and their jobs were protected, perhaps we would see a tremendous change in many social arenas?

side note:

just read the CNN money article http://money.cnn.com/2013/04/04/news/companies/fast-food-new-york-strike/ and had to leave the page, there was so much negativity in the comments. It amazes me the way people talk about food industry workers, nearly everyone I have ever met in food service is working towards something more sustainable for themselves, are very intelligent as well as very aware of the state of things socially, economically as well as politically. I made my mark in the comments section, but I am not finished with this. I’m as passionate about this as I am many other things, and I want to do something. I need to do something.

coffee blues and supermarket voyeurism

25 03 2013

I hate Mondays. I mean, I know we’re programmed to hate Mondays, but when I am doing a coffee cleanse, I really despise the beginning of the work/school week. I have been imagining a fresh, hot cup of freshly ground french press dark roast (with agave nectar and goat milk) all day long. As most of the world, I equate my energy level to the amount of caffeine surging through my veins, and without it I feel exhausted. I’m trying to push through it, make myself drink some water… I look to my juicer for inspiration, only to run in horror at the thought of having to clean it afterwards. Mondays are the days I NEED my coffee. This particular Monday involved a dentist appointment for Madelyn, followed by standing for an hour straight outside the tax booth at the local supermarket waiting for a turn. It was a rather interesting experience, as standing against walls at supermarkets tend to be. I stood in front of an elderly cashier who had to be 90 years old, at the very least. I watched as she carefully scanned all the groceries, and made small talk with the customers. What amazed me the most about this was that she did not stop smiling, not even once! Considering what a fast paced society we’ve come to live in, I expected to see a disgruntled customer come into her line at some point. However, during the hour of this exchange every single person left with a smile as well! It was a wonderful experience, watching this little microcosm happening right before me. I spotted a cashier with a genuine beehive hair style (complete with a silk flower tucked in the back) and made eye contact as well as smiled at nearly every passing person. It was finally time for me to sit with the tax lady, and as I sat another lady who had not been waiting came to the seat. Before I had a chance to say anything, she offered her seat to me, and I sat to be greeted with a cheerful presence by the lady who was working by herself and had just finished up with an hour long tax preparation. I was relieved to be met with grace in a situation that on any other Monday would have been really challenging my zen. I glanced over on the wall to find the quote of the day, from Nietzsche:

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s rather remarkable how many little things await our discovery in this universe. So often we overlook the signs, only to get lost in the general collective mass projected emoticons. So grumpy without coffee or not, we have to breathe, and open our eyes.

Blessing of Monday to all!


(that’s Mississippi John Hurt, by the way. Coffee Blues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL7jowIpykQ )

Malarkey. (and meme drones)

29 07 2012

In response to the ill informed article on underground health:


The author claims that an extract from eggplant cures skin cancer, sounds remotely feasible, and some of my hippy-esque friends on facebook are posting and reposting the clever link, so I decided to stop scanning my facebook feed and read the entire meme. Before I even clicked to read the article I was annoyed by the fact that they were referring to  Eggplant as Devil’s Apple, both from the Solanum family, but entirely different species. Devil’s Apple (also know as Apple of Sodom) is Solanum linnaeanum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solanum_linnaeanum (which was used in trials by Solbec Tech in attempts to replicate Coramsine via solamargine and solasonine alkoloids, but failed in trials, mainly due to some toxicity http://meeting.ascopubs.org/cgi/content/abstract/23/16_suppl/3105) which is a Solanum, or nightshade (as is tomato, potato, tobacco, most peppers and datura among others) but is not the same as Solanum melongena, which is an eggplant.  I’m not really sure what to make of this, and my commenting on the article is not intended to bash any one’s judgement, really it brings me back to a more annoying subject: the blind, drone like reposting of memes and links without further investigation. Don’t get me wrong, I am very guilty of doing this, and feel like an ass when I realize later (via snopes.com or any other source, or researching more) the hindsight of a poorly shared link creates chaos. I suppose it is possible in this open information sharing age to argue the semantics of validity in articles, and to some extent that may be true, but disinformation is in my mind as naughty as a book burning. So please, let’s all vow to stop “blabber to your mates” clicking over cute memes and take the zen monk’s approach. Allow 60 seconds to pass before deciding to share any links. If, after 60 seconds, you still feel it is important enough for all of facebook (yes, including grandma and your old math teacher) and the internet to learn about then take the extra step to do the research to back up your information. Nothing irks me more than articles, links, memes, etc that are either poorly or not at all cited for references. So if you go the extra step and find information that holds up your theory, post them. We could all be utilizing social networking in a really positive way for the good of all the internet, if we consciously post and share to others.

Now. *Rant over.*

good day!