Malarkey. (and meme drones)

29 07 2012

In response to the ill informed article on underground health:

The author claims that an extract from eggplant cures skin cancer, sounds remotely feasible, and some of my hippy-esque friends on facebook are posting and reposting the clever link, so I decided to stop scanning my facebook feed and read the entire meme. Before I even clicked to read the article I was annoyed by the fact that they were referring to  Eggplant as Devil’s Apple, both from the Solanum family, but entirely different species. Devil’s Apple (also know as Apple of Sodom) is Solanum linnaeanum (which was used in trials by Solbec Tech in attempts to replicate Coramsine via solamargine and solasonine alkoloids, but failed in trials, mainly due to some toxicity which is a Solanum, or nightshade (as is tomato, potato, tobacco, most peppers and datura among others) but is not the same as Solanum melongena, which is an eggplant.  I’m not really sure what to make of this, and my commenting on the article is not intended to bash any one’s judgement, really it brings me back to a more annoying subject: the blind, drone like reposting of memes and links without further investigation. Don’t get me wrong, I am very guilty of doing this, and feel like an ass when I realize later (via or any other source, or researching more) the hindsight of a poorly shared link creates chaos. I suppose it is possible in this open information sharing age to argue the semantics of validity in articles, and to some extent that may be true, but disinformation is in my mind as naughty as a book burning. So please, let’s all vow to stop “blabber to your mates” clicking over cute memes and take the zen monk’s approach. Allow 60 seconds to pass before deciding to share any links. If, after 60 seconds, you still feel it is important enough for all of facebook (yes, including grandma and your old math teacher) and the internet to learn about then take the extra step to do the research to back up your information. Nothing irks me more than articles, links, memes, etc that are either poorly or not at all cited for references. So if you go the extra step and find information that holds up your theory, post them. We could all be utilizing social networking in a really positive way for the good of all the internet, if we consciously post and share to others.

Now. *Rant over.*

good day!