Omega points and Wikipedia hopscotch

14 08 2012

Today, I was playing a game of Wikipedia hopscotch (one of my favorite morning activities, consists of starting at an article and jumping into other articles via hotlinks) and though I cannot recall the exact train of article jumps, I ended on omega point:

“In this theory, developed by Teilhard in The Future of Man (1950), the universe is constantly developing towards higher levels of material complexity and consciousness, a theory of evolution that Teilhard called the Law of Complexity/Consciousness. For Teilhard, the universe can only move in the direction of more complexity and consciousness if it is being drawn by a supreme point of complexity and consciousness.” This brings me to the importance of the Wikipedia hopscotch. I had to really evaluate when I first found myself randomly flipping through and reading Wikipedia articles, I had moments of feeling like I was wasting time, and perhaps at some points in my explorations I certainly have done just that- but then there was an unfolding of manifested thought and matter before me- the synchronicity of the random, the magick of chaos. I have yet to have a time when playing my morning game of hopscotch that I don’t come across something relevant to my personal locality. ( And of course, I am becoming more aware every day of the presence of a quantum, holographic universe, but the point of this rambling (and forgive me, for the ramble, I needed to say something without organizing thoughts first and feeling my personally created obligation to blogging) is really to share the patterns that I have observed in my experience, from my point of locality in this infinite omniverse. Oracles abound, with or without a game of Wiki hopscotch, wherever you look, there you shall find. Is there not a perfect moment around us waiting to be observed at all times? The very existence of such events are quarry only when observed, thus the observer cannot be changed by the observed. In less than five minutes time one or more of my thoughts will manifest in some other form of matter (or non-matter) through my keen observation….. to be continued.

the hardest lessons

11 08 2012

Typically, the hardest lessons about one’s self come in that awkward moment of realizing that you were wrong. Emotional vomit, it gets me… I open my mouth and before I know it I’ve just ranted myself into an unnecessary tantrum. Once, when I was younger, these things would happen and I would blame it on the world around me, always circumstance. But my life is slowly becoming more microscopic and the details are always unavoidable. No one created this delirious version of reality but me. I find that reflection and retracing of actions and words lead to thoughts, which can be traced to roots. For every word, thought and action has a root which is sometimes embedded in deep, old parts of our selves that we are often unaware exist. They seed, gestate, and sprout into the will, regardless. The emotions, ruled by cups, by water, fluid and ever changing… life giving as well as taking. The thought, ruled by swords, by air, both piercing and protecting. The will, ruled by wands, by fire- creative and destructive fire. And the material, matter- ruled by disks, by earth- the form which we chose to give life, whether with intent or with lack thereof: the final solution. The pieces of self are unfolding, I see the parts of me that were trained from repeated words, emotional responses and actions… this which once seemed an infinite puzzle is becoming more like an enigmatic chasm that can be interpreted, navigated and slowly understood, like Pythia. Lucid living, lucid waking, awareness- awake! I hear your call, and I can only continue forward on this grand adventure, this bella vida! I wish I had captured the picture today, but as we drove home we saw a sign pasted to a road barrier: “Wake Up!”



-the summer sky, as seen from Lido Beach, June 2012

The thrifting identity

10 08 2012

(from the Jupiter Space Blog)


the thrifting identity

Today, I went out to hunt and gather in the big world. I explored the uncharted territories of the Lutheran thrift store and found an immense amount of bargains that are either for kids back to school or for eBay sales  next week. I realized while I was shopping how much more comfortable I am within the world of the thrifters. I suppose to some it could be an alternate dimension that could be feared, with the screaming children, the hoarders, the trash disciples and the bag ladies. I suppose being a thrifter brought about a good deal of my interest in anthropology… from the time I was walking I absorbed every picture in the national geographics that my grandfather hoarded in his closet, and each trip to a goodwill with my nannie and poppa, grandparents or parents growing up was like a living national geographic to me. There were always relics from a plethora of different cultures, and the world of thrift itself was always it’s very own cultural experience. I’ve spent most of my life within the walls of a thrift store or another, and it wasn’t until today, at 31 years old that I realized how at home I felt. I walked around the many rooms of the church thrift store, tickled at how organized it is, so tickled in fact, that I left my name and number as a contact for volunteering (which entitles me to first dibs on items as well as 50% 0ff!) and found the company of the older church ladies very soothing to my soul. I made one last stop at the habitat for humanity restore before shipping my eBay items, in search of more items to resell or school clothes for the kids and found more treasures! Everyone I met, employee or shopper gave me the nod or a smile. I looked around and I thought to myself, I like this life just fine. And I do. Perhaps it’s growing up, perhaps it’s getting to know myself deeper, but I am happy with where my life is,  right now and that is a very good thing indeed.

Today’s finds include:

Bissell baglass vacuum (talked them down to $6)
HUGE bag of kids clothes, me clothes and eBay clothes, four records and a magnet ($20)
Two stylish and eBay worthy winter coats ($2)

Off to Miami!

31 07 2012

Dragging my feet getting ready looking for veggie spots and juice bars, but getting on the road in 5!

Really excited, have never been to Miami, and I suppose I never figured I would go. Of course I have always been attracted to the Hemingway, Cuban, Haitian and Art Deco aspects, but I sort of wrote it off my potential Map when I was a kid and realized how far the tip of Florida is to get to. Had some lovely green juice this morning:!/mamaheyoka/media/slideshow? for energy on the road!

Have a beautiful week, lovelies! I will blog and twitter as I can from Miami!

Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

wandering ant (old poem, forgotten until cleaning files today)

31 07 2012

written morning in the mountains (our old mountain cabin home last spring/summer in Blue Ridge) around May of 2011-

the world of the wandering ant

plateaus and ravines

streamlined architecture
lines upon lines

factory glazed mirage
only potentials impermanent

cacophonic symphony
humdrum motherboards
the spinning labyrinth lament

a pixellated world finds the symbols
characters, keys
remnants of the world
created without hands
nor silicon bonded

the facade that was
once home


Noon quick writing exercise, day one (from Plinky)

14 07 2012

from Plinky quick write inspirations (this one was about your “favorite vacation”)

  • the city of the forgotten umbrella
  • “I forgot what my father said
  • I forgot what he said
  • I forgot what my mother said
    as we layed upon your bed

  • A city full of flowers
    a city full of rain
    I got seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die

  • I forgot what my brother said
    I forgot what he said
    I don’t regret anything at all
    I remember how he wept
    On a bridge of violent people
    I was small enough to cry
    I got seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die

    Hold my face before you
    still my trembling heart
    Seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die

    The Gods forgot they’ve made me
    so I forgot them to
    I listen to the shadows
    I play among their graves

    My heart is never broken
    my patience never tried
    I got seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die
    Seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die”

    -Seven, David Bowie
    (the song that always bring me back to those 7×2 days)

    Amsterdam. It was the one time in my life that I felt free from the push and pull of the world. It was my two weeks of just being. I was, technically speaking, on a map, in a place, surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people, but I had managed to escape. The who’s and how’s and why’s are another story, for another day entirely. I was with the person who at that particular time in my life was the one person I could trust with being off the atlas for a short time. Nothing from the default or mundane could touch me there, and all I was left with was pure awe and wonder. Every experience was extraordinary, every passing stranger met with a smile. There where some darker and more challenging points to this venture, to be certain, but over all I left with a stronger hope for the larger scope of life, and a firmer belief that magick does indeed exist.

optional title

13 07 2012

Today was filled with green smoothies, rain soaked in sunshine, aquamarine playdough and some further research in chinese medicine and macrobiotics. Since I slowly started eating more raw, vegan and macrobiotic and have nearly eliminated all caffeine, sugar and tobacco, I have felt a calm awareness that I forgot existed. I’m taking each day in strides with the growing heaps of projects, and with everyday that I am loving my body and mind deeper, I am less intimidated by all that lies ahead. Projects galore! I have just been offered a position as an apprentice dance instructor at an aerial and pole art studio. This will include intensive training over the next few weeks to begin teaching two one hour classes a day monday through friday within the next four to six weeks. I will also be constructing a fusion class combining what I am learning with what I already know. I get access to the studio for choreography, which I have been longing and lusting for immensely for quite some time now! There are some guerrilla playground children’s theater projects in the works, more on that later, though I will say: revamping and presentation of the ten principles in a suitable manner, cross culturally, through performances for children. Clown Cleanup Crew (C cubed) will follow each performance with a MOOP sweep of the playground area. But I digress, instead of listing all my projects I will just say that I am very proud of myself for not losing the patience or faith in the process, and for doing what I need for myself to keep on track and not feel intimidated. This is an interesting new chapter, and I am enjoying every moment. And now, kiddies, it’s that time again for the nearly five o’clock kid time and dinner prep, so I will end this with:


In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world all rests on perseverance.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

so it begins.

13 07 2012

Voyage: Part one, day one (or half?)

To summarize(from my hidden, or nearly impossible to find profile…) here in lies my intention(s) for this journal:

Found Objects-

Every journey begins with the pangs of wonder-lust (which, coincidentally is the result of wanderlust gone horribly unrequited). This is the age old adventure story, of the fool’s descent into the seemingly unending, unknowing vast dimension of forward. I feel that every hero(ine) has a story to tell, though that story tends to be older than time itself, and winds as circular and ever predictable as a clock in want of winding. I feel within me a certain (as well as uncertain…) quickening to grow bigger, to fly higher, to dance longer. Chances are, fellow earthling, you are finding this same familiar feeling yourself. The silent alarm clock, like the gilded death-tick beetle cannot be silenced by the snooze button any longer. In this journey, I attempt to take the pieces of self that I find in mirrors, strangers’ faces, lost keys on sidewalks, children with muddy feet, dandelion clocks in the breeze and smiles on rainy days and create the tapestry of found objects that takes all these pieces of me to the places where Icarus feared to tread.

And now, I shall close, for the time being. I tire of glowing screens and humming machines and mechanical hoodoos and voodoos that I understand not. Tonight I will dream in song, and upon the grace of light if tomorrow comes, I will continue this perilous journey to the infinite chasms of being.

my Floridian Jungle secret place(s)

where the ferns whisper in a language that only the moss and lichen can translate, sung out of key by the obnoxious palmettos