An ode to 2016, so far

15 11 2016

I haven’t blogged in forever. I have been planning to but as with many things I plan to do I have a tendency to fall into procrastination. A lot has changed with me, my life, the world in general since my last post, and in a quick summary: we moved back to Georgia, spent a summer and part of a fall in the mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia picking wild edible mushrooms and berries and living simply and decided to move back to Sebring, Florida (our HOME) where my husband is now teaching middle school World History and Civics and I am going to college working on my BA in Elementary Education. I want to write more, but juggling life and adulting is oh so very time consuming. However, this year and the call for higher spiritual growth has led me to a place of wanting, no needing, to live out intention. These intentions include: writing, more art, more connections, learning and relearning the esoteric mysteries and practices of the mind-body-spirit exaltation, and getting health of mind, body and of spirit. I am inspired to create a “monastery of me”: my own personal system for these things, inspired by concepts that I find useful from past masters. It is my intention to work towards this into the remainder of this year and into the coming year. I will conclude these musings with a poem I wrote into the notepad of my phone last night:


                                                      Days have led to months of rollover

Runaway cart on a roller-coaster

I would be motivated, but I’d rather go to bed

Trying to find a way to get dreams outside of my head

I have the feeling there is more to be done

Instead I spend my time calculating the life span of the sun

I’m putting it off, hoping it will all just happen

But first I must understand the magic of the atom

Longing for what was once connection

I filter through worlds born of distraction

I can’t transfer this one to the next

Inferring all that I can from the text

Solitude brings more questions than answers

How much weight do we place on our masters?

Counting down moments in this waiting station

Our interpretation seems often lost in translation

To climb this mountain there are rules I must break

But with such precision and no room for mistake

Deep breath in, deep breath out

Strip down to just the fear and the doubt

Remember that once all of this was in you

The particles and elements and stellar things too

The illusion of exits increase the inertia

Wars, walls and worlds only fall with assertion