Cheating on facebook…. and random forced bloggings

10 04 2013

Since I started my facebook fast to accompany my shift in habits, I decided to finally see what this pinterest hype was about. I’m still tweaking it and figuring it out, but- I made a board of things I liked enough to repin!

Thus far this week I have not managed to type even a single letter in regards to my story, nor to finish my painting, but I did begin consolidation of clothes version 9.0 and had a lovely walk around town with Alden. I took the kids to dance and football/cheer leading and made a revamped 50’s TV dinner of: veggie “neat” loaf, garlic olive oil mashed potatoes and curried peas and carrots. It was delicious, and with the smoothie I split with Alden on our walk, I was only at 761 calories today (and felt stuffed, to boot!) I love making veggie burgers, patties or neatloaf with the left over grains, beans and veggies from the previous week. I have a tupper wear bin in the freezer where I store the left overs (as there are never really enough for a second meal with a family of 6) and when it’s full I put cereal in the food processor, mix in garlic, herbs, seasonings and whatever binding agent I happen to have on hand (whether it be eggs, chia or flax seeds in water) and either turn into patties and put in the broiler on a pan covered in foil or put in the casserole dish for a loaf. If I’ve been juicing that day I add in the pulp from the juicer as well. I posted the picture on my twitter.

Hopefully I will manage to cultivate more creative things to blog about tomorrow, for now- enjoy my pinterest board and twitter food picture!




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