Today’s Elemental reading (for a friend)

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I’ve been playing around with an interpretive elemental/pentagram spread in my readings recently, using the traditional ruling of the pentagram: Spirit, Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

The Spirit card, I feel, is a conduit of all the aspects of the other elements at work in the mind/body of the querent. For this reading, the Spirit card was: the three of cups in reverse. I typically avoid reversals, though I do feel they are indicative of a pressing matter, and the reversals should be discussed, so that the extremity of a particular experience can be understood before further action is taken. For the three of cups in reverse, my synopsis is: Limitations on perceived abundance as a result of conditional expressions and imbalanced emotions.

Next, is the Air card, being a reflection of the present thought waves and synaptic firings. For the Air card, I pulled: Strength. Strength (which is also Lust or Fortitude) is the driving desire for fulfillment. From: A Brief Description of the Cards of the Tarot: “Courage, strength, fortitude, power passing on to action. Obstinancy.”

Next is Earth: (Matter/substance; the material plane) for the Earth card, I pulled: Eight of pentacles/disks. The Eight being opportunity, observation, intention, abundance, repetition, infinity, and pentacles of course being material. Crowley had the eight of disks as prudence, and my synopsis of it is as follows; this is a card of dedication, known as the card of the apprentice, it indicates a need for focus and commitment. Learning through doing, the act itself is a spiritual practice. Here’s a Confucius proverb to sum it up:

I see and I forget
I hear and I remember
I do and I understand”

For Fire (the Will) we have: three of wands in reverse. For the three- time, creativity, versatility, mystery, intuition, fecundity and advancement. Wands are governed by the will, so here we have the second repetion of elementals. For the card itself (and from

Three of Wands

  • Title: Virtue (The Lord of Established Strength)
  • Astrology: Sol in Aries
  • Tree of Life: Binah
  • Description: Three yellow rods crownd with white lotus flowers. Behind them is a field of flames and a ten-rayed white starburst.
  • Interpretation: “This card refers to Binah in the suit of Fire, and so represents the establishment of primeval Energy. The Will has been transmitted to the Mother, who conceives, prepares, and gives birth to, its manifestation… The meaning is harmonious, for this is the beginning of Spring. For this reason one sees the wand taking the form of the Lotus in blossom. The Sun has enkindled the Great Mother.” From LXXVIII: “Established force, strength, realization of hope. Completion of labour. Success after struggle. Pride, nobility, wealth, power, conceit. Rude self-assumption and insolence. Generosity, obstinacy, etc.” and as far as the reversal goes- a call of awareness to well of power within oneself, do not overlook the opportunity available around you.
  • For the Water (the emotions) card: the Devil in reverse. (from:
  • [picture of Card 15][picture of Card 6]The Devil is not an evil, sinister figure residing outside of us. He is the knot of ignorance and hopelessness lodged within each of us at some level. The seductive attractions of the material bind us so compellingly that we often do not even realize our slavery to them.We live in a limited range of experience, unaware of the glorious world that is our true heritage. The couple on Card 15 are chained, but acquiescent. They could so easily free themselves, but they do not even apprehend their bondage. [Note] They look like the Lovers, but are unaware that their love is circumscribed within a narrow range. The price of this ignorance is an inner core of despair.

and from Thelemapedia: From A Brief Description of the Cards of the Tarot: “Blind impulse. Irresistibly strong. Unscrupulous. Ambition. Temptation. Obsession. Secret plan. Hard work. Endurance. Discontent. Materialism. Fate.” The Devil in reverse- basically, free yourself and stop thinking about how desperately you seek freedom. Make it happen.


That’s all for today, I will write more about my personal reading I do for myself for tomorrow’s noon quick writing (I’m going to start this as a daily exercise, do a spread and write about it) and now, to give a toddler a nap!



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