22 08 2012

Slowly, the flow begins. I’m pleased at how many interesting things are happening everyday, and how little stress I am feeling from the expansion of life I’m experiencing currently! The sun just passed into Virgo, and this is a month of concentration on cleaning and organizing! I’m working on the house (be it slowly) and posting some new auctions this week. I just signed up for a free week at the gym, and will hopefully be starting to spend at least an hour a day on swimming, yoga, spinning, etc. The gym also has a sauna, as well as a juice bar with wheat grass so I can do my new moon cleanses too! We just celebrated Alden’s birthday, reminiscing his home birth and celebrating his presence in this universe was a fun day! The girls and Todd all were cast in the Highlands Little Theater production of Annie, and we are so excited! This year is going to be a very different, positive and enjoyable experience. It’s nice when so many things happen everyday that you want to blog about but are too busy enjoying life that you just log them in your mind. I do think, I will start being more proactive about bringing a camera with me and my journal to log some things for future blogging, however. And now, to get some more housework done before it’s time to walk to the school to pick the kids up! Which, walking to this school everyday with the kids is really giving me a greater perspective on Sebring. This town is slowly becoming my hometown, I can feel it. I tell Todd more and more as every day goes by that I’m really falling in love with Sebring. I had a hard time accepting it at first, June I was really homesick, especially for Carrollton. But now, I can’t imagine being in any better place. I think this is the first time in a good portion of my adult life that I haven’t began fantasizing about new places to live. More later….



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