Back to school, Annie auditions and Moon Cocoons (from Jupiter Space)

15 08 2012

Kids open houses are this week, just had Perry’s yesterday at the Kindergarten Learning Center, and he is very excited about his teacher and school! We live so close to the school that a bus doesn’t even come, so we will be walking to the girl’s school and Perry will be riding a bus to the Kindergarten from the elementary school. We popped some sweet potatoes in the oven this morning and went on a walk to the school, only took 17 minutes! We also are slowly becoming more involved in the community theater here in Sebring, and Todd went to a toast that was held for his former high school drama teacher yesterday at the theater. He had a good time, made some good connections and found out that the long awaited Annie auditions are upon us!! The girls will be auditioning (their first auditions!) on Saturday, doing cold readings (we’re practicing with parts from Annie as well as books we enjoy reading as performances, like the Gruffalo) and we’re very excited! Also, spent some time looking at this page today that has some really awesome eco-dome designs (the moon cocoon):

(check out this website, awesome designs that are very inspiring)

About to post another round of eBay auctions tomorrow, will update as soon as posted. Last run of auctions were very successful, I just have to get in the habit of weekly thrifting and listing. Once the kids are in school and it’s just Alden and I at home we’ll find a smooth flow to the art of continuity with postings.



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28 08 2012

update: the girls were cast! Madelyn as Molly, and Sylvia as an extra orphan/understudy!

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