hold it…

27 07 2012

just a little longer.

The saturn return is spinning me dizzy! Persistence, is everything. It’s taken(ing) nearly all the zen I have, but I’m nearly there. I WILL go to Alchemy this year, I’ve decided. To celebrate my saturn return’s end. I wish my other August 30th Virgo man could join me, and that Tasha and all the many other people who have helped me through these last 5 years to dance around that fire….

Starting next round of ebays tomorrow, kids/family blog and updating the business blog. going to link everything, do some serious reading, get that painting *finally* finished and make myself sit down for atleast an hour and write, something, anything. Perhaps tomorrow will be early morning meditation and dog run. I WILL organize these blog thoughts and invoke some rhyme and reason. g’nightImage




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