so it begins.

13 07 2012

Voyage: Part one, day one (or half?)

To summarize(from my hidden, or nearly impossible to find profile…) here in lies my intention(s) for this journal:

Found Objects-

Every journey begins with the pangs of wonder-lust (which, coincidentally is the result of wanderlust gone horribly unrequited). This is the age old adventure story, of the fool’s descent into the seemingly unending, unknowing vast dimension of forward. I feel that every hero(ine) has a story to tell, though that story tends to be older than time itself, and winds as circular and ever predictable as a clock in want of winding. I feel within me a certain (as well as uncertain…) quickening to grow bigger, to fly higher, to dance longer. Chances are, fellow earthling, you are finding this same familiar feeling yourself. The silent alarm clock, like the gilded death-tick beetle cannot be silenced by the snooze button any longer. In this journey, I attempt to take the pieces of self that I find in mirrors, strangers’ faces, lost keys on sidewalks, children with muddy feet, dandelion clocks in the breeze and smiles on rainy days and create the tapestry of found objects that takes all these pieces of me to the places where Icarus feared to tread.

And now, I shall close, for the time being. I tire of glowing screens and humming machines and mechanical hoodoos and voodoos that I understand not. Tonight I will dream in song, and upon the grace of light if tomorrow comes, I will continue this perilous journey to the infinite chasms of being.

my Floridian Jungle secret place(s)

where the ferns whisper in a language that only the moss and lichen can translate, sung out of key by the obnoxious palmettos




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