Off to Miami!

31 07 2012

Dragging my feet getting ready looking for veggie spots and juice bars, but getting on the road in 5!

Really excited, have never been to Miami, and I suppose I never figured I would go. Of course I have always been attracted to the Hemingway, Cuban, Haitian and Art Deco aspects, but I sort of wrote it off my potential Map when I was a kid and realized how far the tip of Florida is to get to. Had some lovely green juice this morning:!/mamaheyoka/media/slideshow? for energy on the road!

Have a beautiful week, lovelies! I will blog and twitter as I can from Miami!

Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

can’t sleep, thinking of the old (and of you)

31 07 2012

I miss my best friend. I wish I had the energy to write an eloquent sonnet for how much I miss her,  or to write a tale of our history together ending with that bitter, pointless ill worded falling out at the Indian buffet before we moved to Florida. I’ve just had the deep longing to smell her hair and see her mossy eyes, and to play dress up with her and be silly. I suppose my growing comes in waves, and in retrospect I lost a great deal of myself after the divorce, and after the restructuring of self began. I suppose in order to find yourself you do truly have to lose yourself first. Then again, was the self perceived to be lost ever actually found? Regardless, there was an innocence during the days of our most intimate moments together, and I think I had to experience that loss of the perceived innocence. I had to feel with empathy and without defenses what her emotions and her vantage point really felt like. It’s resonance is deep within the chasms of my being. I can only look around at the fractured pieces of my old life and understand that a new universe is before me, and with certainty I can walk forward, and take with me those hidden glittering, delicious faery magick particles that carry with them that spirit of innocence, of hope and of bliss. To the silly slavic faery lady with the eyes of sea moss, I love you. Thank you for all the magick you sang to me.


wandering ant (old poem, forgotten until cleaning files today)

31 07 2012

written morning in the mountains (our old mountain cabin home last spring/summer in Blue Ridge) around May of 2011-

the world of the wandering ant

plateaus and ravines

streamlined architecture
lines upon lines

factory glazed mirage
only potentials impermanent

cacophonic symphony
humdrum motherboards
the spinning labyrinth lament

a pixellated world finds the symbols
characters, keys
remnants of the world
created without hands
nor silicon bonded

the facade that was
once home


Business up and running

31 07 2012

Finally updating the Jupiter Space blog (the business related blog, for the fist time since Poppa died in November. AND have *finally* posted my eBay auctions!

I’m really excited about getting this business stuff rolling. I’ve had some good peaks with it, just dipping my toes in the waters of online vending, but now I’m going to MANIFEST!

check it out! Off to Miami in the morning (hrmmm… I should probably sleep soon) and will post some adventures!



29 07 2012

must try this one day… I wonder if the eggshells alkalize the coffee as well (which would account for a decline in bitterness) must make this and pH test it sometime.

Food Through the Pages

“How do you brew klava?”

“You don’t know?”

She smiled. “I can serve it with the best, but I’ve never needed to learn how to brew it.”

“You press coffee through a filter made of eggshells and wood chips with vanilla bean, then reheat it so it almost boils, then you pass it through a cloth to remove any oils brought out by the reheating.”

-Issola, by Steven Brust


Not being an every day coffee drinker, I tend to think Turkish coffee is already superior to the average cup of morning joe. But put through this process, it transcends the bounds of ordinary beverages, and becomes something near ethereal. Each of the different flavors is discernible, from the earthiness of the woodchips to the sweet subtlety of the vanilla bean. The cream thickens the already dense coffee into a silky, decadent drink.

Fun Fact? The eggshells help decrease the bitterness of the coffee. See?…

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pity this busy monster

29 07 2012

‘pity this busy monster, manunkind’

pity this busy monster, manunkind,

not. Progress is a comfortable disease:
your victim (death and life safely beyond)

plays with the bigness of his littleness
--- electrons deify one razorblade
into a mountainrange; lenses extend
unwish through curving wherewhen till unwish
returns on its unself.
                          A world of made
is not a world of born --- pity poor flesh

and trees, poor stars and stones, but never this
fine specimen of hypermagical

ultraomnipotence. We doctors know

a hopeless case if --- listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door; let's go

E. E. Cummings

How I managed to adore e.e cummings and own books of his and NOT know about this amazing poem is beyond me.  I think perhaps it is because at no other point in my development as a human being could these words had as much resonance as they do now. Now, the end of Saturn’s dizzy return… the 31 years of reality selection play. Now, the moment that feels like deeper awakening after every tumble into sleep.

Malarkey. (and meme drones)

29 07 2012

In response to the ill informed article on underground health:

The author claims that an extract from eggplant cures skin cancer, sounds remotely feasible, and some of my hippy-esque friends on facebook are posting and reposting the clever link, so I decided to stop scanning my facebook feed and read the entire meme. Before I even clicked to read the article I was annoyed by the fact that they were referring to  Eggplant as Devil’s Apple, both from the Solanum family, but entirely different species. Devil’s Apple (also know as Apple of Sodom) is Solanum linnaeanum (which was used in trials by Solbec Tech in attempts to replicate Coramsine via solamargine and solasonine alkoloids, but failed in trials, mainly due to some toxicity which is a Solanum, or nightshade (as is tomato, potato, tobacco, most peppers and datura among others) but is not the same as Solanum melongena, which is an eggplant.  I’m not really sure what to make of this, and my commenting on the article is not intended to bash any one’s judgement, really it brings me back to a more annoying subject: the blind, drone like reposting of memes and links without further investigation. Don’t get me wrong, I am very guilty of doing this, and feel like an ass when I realize later (via or any other source, or researching more) the hindsight of a poorly shared link creates chaos. I suppose it is possible in this open information sharing age to argue the semantics of validity in articles, and to some extent that may be true, but disinformation is in my mind as naughty as a book burning. So please, let’s all vow to stop “blabber to your mates” clicking over cute memes and take the zen monk’s approach. Allow 60 seconds to pass before deciding to share any links. If, after 60 seconds, you still feel it is important enough for all of facebook (yes, including grandma and your old math teacher) and the internet to learn about then take the extra step to do the research to back up your information. Nothing irks me more than articles, links, memes, etc that are either poorly or not at all cited for references. So if you go the extra step and find information that holds up your theory, post them. We could all be utilizing social networking in a really positive way for the good of all the internet, if we consciously post and share to others.

Now. *Rant over.*

good day!

hold it…

27 07 2012

just a little longer.

The saturn return is spinning me dizzy! Persistence, is everything. It’s taken(ing) nearly all the zen I have, but I’m nearly there. I WILL go to Alchemy this year, I’ve decided. To celebrate my saturn return’s end. I wish my other August 30th Virgo man could join me, and that Tasha and all the many other people who have helped me through these last 5 years to dance around that fire….

Starting next round of ebays tomorrow, kids/family blog and updating the business blog. going to link everything, do some serious reading, get that painting *finally* finished and make myself sit down for atleast an hour and write, something, anything. Perhaps tomorrow will be early morning meditation and dog run. I WILL organize these blog thoughts and invoke some rhyme and reason. g’nightImage

skipping writing (briefly)

16 07 2012

this week, so far has been about research and discovery. Began my dancing lessons for teacher training today, and wow. Pole dancers should be Olympic athletes. Intense! I’m going to give it another go, but so far am fearing that it will require too much of my energy as madre de cuatro hijos, partner and entrepreneur/inventor/creator/artist. Will force myself to sit down and do a noon quick writing tomorrow, not sure how much I’m liking the plinky idea anymore, went for inspiration today and found 90% of the content sounds like it was written with the intention of creating a facebook quiz by teenagers. I think I will start a random wikipedia article or thesaurus word for inspiration for the noon quick writing exercises. At any rate, painting in the works, and about to get out the costume kit and work on the fascinators and at least one belly dance bra. Randomly asked by the owner of a shop in town to create some jewelry for her shop, going to get started on that and figure out some pricing. In general I need to focus on getting more organized at the moment, and creating a schedule to help balance the time as mama with time to get work done. I think I will be moving my office into the sun room (which is currently being used as the kid’s play area) and restructuring their play/art space so that I can get work done while they are having free play and art time. Sylvia has been creating loads of manga drawings lately, and Madelyn has been writing a lot of fables. Both girls have checked out a graphic novel with every novel each week at the library this summer, and they are beginning to show a real interest in writing and illustrating. I’ve decided to create them both monitored and parent filtered blogs for their writing and drawing, so that family and friends can keep us, as well as their very own email addresses (which will also be monitored and parent filtered). I’m rambling at this point, perhaps over compensation for my recent lack of blogging, so I will sign off. Time to go get some laundry, dinner and boy’s hair cuts done!


Noon quick writing exercise, day one (from Plinky)

14 07 2012

from Plinky quick write inspirations (this one was about your “favorite vacation”)

  • the city of the forgotten umbrella
  • “I forgot what my father said
  • I forgot what he said
  • I forgot what my mother said
    as we layed upon your bed

  • A city full of flowers
    a city full of rain
    I got seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die

  • I forgot what my brother said
    I forgot what he said
    I don’t regret anything at all
    I remember how he wept
    On a bridge of violent people
    I was small enough to cry
    I got seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die

    Hold my face before you
    still my trembling heart
    Seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die

    The Gods forgot they’ve made me
    so I forgot them to
    I listen to the shadows
    I play among their graves

    My heart is never broken
    my patience never tried
    I got seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die
    Seven days to live my life
    or seven ways to die”

    -Seven, David Bowie
    (the song that always bring me back to those 7×2 days)

    Amsterdam. It was the one time in my life that I felt free from the push and pull of the world. It was my two weeks of just being. I was, technically speaking, on a map, in a place, surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people, but I had managed to escape. The who’s and how’s and why’s are another story, for another day entirely. I was with the person who at that particular time in my life was the one person I could trust with being off the atlas for a short time. Nothing from the default or mundane could touch me there, and all I was left with was pure awe and wonder. Every experience was extraordinary, every passing stranger met with a smile. There where some darker and more challenging points to this venture, to be certain, but over all I left with a stronger hope for the larger scope of life, and a firmer belief that magick does indeed exist.